Uh oh....

So, the worst thing that could happen did happen:  my drops bottle took a dive.  When I say that I seriously contemplated getting on the floor and licking up those sweet little red drops of nectar, don't read in laugh tracks, ok?

I rushed to my source and begged for some more, but there was no way I was going to be able to get ahold of another bottle before what few drops I had ran out.  So I looked up how to go forward.  What I found is essentially this:  double up on the food plan and pick up where you left off when you get your stuff again.  And that's what I've done.  At this moment, my HCG is under the control of U.S. Customs in New York (shout out to AllDayChemists.com, btw).

But of course, even in this time of enlightened planning, a million questions are swirling:  how will this impact my process?  Will I pick up, or will the interruption in the process also terminally interrupt any chemical / hormonal/ physiological phenomenons happening in my body now?  Will this impact that whole becoming immune thing that reportedly happens when one is on HCG too long?  Will my body "unlearn" anything and make this whole thing longer and harder for me? 

And what about the psychological process?  Once I'm "free" can I go back to crab and crackers?  There is real tension between wanting to look and feel a certain way and wanting that damn white chocolate cookie.  There's fodder here for some real thinking on how I will survive after the plan if I am struggling in between stages.

All of these questions go to the heart of not just my weightloss, but my weight loss "study."  What will a break mean for my results?  Yes, I'm terrified that I'll lose momentum in my mind AND in my body.  But I also fear that I've undercut the credibility of my review.  I have the inner strength to suit up, boot up, and keep it movin.'  But only time will tell if it will keep movin' for me.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know the state of affairs with HCG and me.  Wish me luck!